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Connected Mission in a Disconnected World

by Mark Snipes, CBFVA Associate Coordinator   In a world that looks and acts drastically different than it did three months ago, the way that the church goes about living out its mission in the world also looks drastically different.  Most churches thrive by...

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Reflection:  Sacrifice

When we think of the word sacrifice our minds often assume the ultimate physical sacrifice—like giving one’s life through military service. My recent trip to the Texas-Mexico border reminded me sacrifice can be defined in many different ways. Hearing stories from...

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Finding Faith in Film

Barrett Owen, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Waynesboro I like to define faith as "awe in the face of mystery." Faith leads us to the precipice of life and has us look out into the Great Unknown with a sense of ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’at what is to come. But...

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Dissonance Interrupts Certitude!

by Terry Maples, CBFVA Coordinator     I grew up in North Alabama in the 1960’s. My Dad was a bi-vocational preacher in small Southern Baptist churches for much of his career. The context of my early years shaped me in powerful ways, and I am...

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Breaking News from CBFVA!

The CBF Virginia staff is in Birmingham, AL, this week for CBF’s General Assembly. During today’s state meeting (3:00 p.m. Central Time), Terry and Mark will reveal exciting new initiatives to be funded through the CBF Block Grant. We want those who could not attend...

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France Mission Immersion Reflection

Finding the dark places in paradise France Mission Immersion Reflection By Mark Snipes, Associate Coordinator   In March, during our first Mission Madness weekend in Waynesboro, our Camp Pastor, Barrett Owen, preached a sermon about Jesus’ exchange...

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Holy Land Reflection

During a conversation one of my companions asked why I keep coming back. As I reflected on this question, I thought I would share why I go to the Holy Land and why I will continue to go back.

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Formed by God’s Mission

What shifts will be necessary for Fellowship Baptists to be shaped by God’s mission? Mission is the result of God’s initiative, rooted in God’s purposes to restore and heal creation. “Mission” means “sending,” and sending is the central biblical theme describing God’s...

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Archived Blogs

Birmingham Reflections by Terry Maples, CBFVA Coordinator

There was great excitement at the CBFVA state meeting on Thursday afternoon during CBF’s General Assembly. If you were unable to attend, here is what you missed: CBF Global prepared a new promotional piece called “Joining God’s mission in Virginia and around the...

May 2019 Vine

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Year in Review!

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2018-2019 Ministry Planner

Birthing Theological Eyes

How can Fellowship Baptists encourage congregational contexts in which members practice theological reflection capable of examining embedded theology?

Forming Together

If “forming together” is CBF’s Big Idea, how can congregations articulate how we seek to shape and form faith?

What It Means to Be a Fellowship Baptist PDF

A series of blogs written by T. Maples on the meaning of being a fellowship baptist.

Mission Madness Reflection: Houston Blake

Mission Madness Reflection by Houston Blake, Chester Baptist Church Youth Member   If you know me, then you know that Mission Madness has been a part of my life since I was thirteen. CBF Virginia has developed such a special place in my heart these past few...

Cant We All Be Christians Here?

“Let us be one.” In the Gospel of John, Jesus prayed that those who follow him be one like God and Christ are one.  Yet we know that human nature eventually creeps into the equation and inherently flawed human beings, with incomplete views and understandings of God,...

Explosions of Fear or Love

Explosions of Fear or Love by Terry Maples, CBFVA Field Coordinator Rachel Platten was going through a tough time in her life when she penned the words to her big hit “Fight Song.” Apparently, this song was never intended to be heard by anyone else but the writer as a...