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Missions Opportunities

Journey With Us!

After a very successful trip to Israel in 2016, CBF Virginia will travel back to walk the roads that Jesus walked. This immersion experience is perfect for pastors looking to add depth to their Biblical knowledge, ministers looking for a mini-sabbatical or lay people fulfilling a lifelong dream.


Trip Details and Pricing

Duration: 10 Days from May 14-23, 2018

Cost: $3,700 per person. *This is all-inclusive with the exception of lunches and souvenirs. The cost is based upon double occupancy in the hotel.  If you have a specific individual you would like to room with during the pilgrimage, please let us know when you register. If not, you will be assigned a roommate.

Payment Plan:

  • $300 at the time of registration
  • $1,500 additional payment by December 1, 2017
  • $1,800 final payment by February 15, 2018


Resident Theologian: Dr. Art Wright. *Dr. Wright, New Testament Scholar at BTSR, will accompany our group on the Mission Immersion to the Holy Land. Along with a local tour guide, Dr. Wright will offer historical and theological reflection along the journey*

Participants will be responsible for their transportation to/from Dulles International Airport. There may be a group transport for the team.

Logistics for the Mission Immersion will be handled by Holy Land Tours.

Mission Box

Beloved Community

Anna Julia Cooper, one of the most prominent African American Scholars of the 20th Century, gave a clear, prophetic voice to the African American community from the end of slavery to the civil rights movement (1858-1964). During a time when education for African American women was not common, Cooper graduated from Columbia and later a PHD from the University of Paris. During her educational journey, Cooper was also the principal of a school in downtown Washington D.C., which met for a time in her own home. Cooper described her vocation as “investing in students to give them a community where they can learn and prosper.” In this, Cooper modeled for us what being a part of a beloved community is all about.

Together for Hope

Together for Hope was formed in 2001 as a 20-year commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the United States. All of these counties were rural. This was the origins of CBF’s Rural Poverty Initiative, which later became Together for Hope. From our inception, we have adamantly followed the practice of Assets Based Community Development because we are convinced that key to alleviating poverty in these rural areas already exists with the people who are there. It is in these long term partnerships with local leaders that Together for Hope has been forged as a force for the common good in rural America.

Currently, Together for Hope has 18 partners across the rural landscape of the US. From Arizona to Appalachia and from the Dakotas to the Delta, we have worked alongside communities in the areas of education, health & nutrition, housing & environment, and social enterprise. After meeting together in 2016, the lead team of Together for Hope reframed our self-understanding in order to reflect our current identity and core beliefs. We moved from the vocabulary of “rural poverty initiative” to “rural development coalition” in order to be more precise about who we are and live more fully into our ABCD convictions. In other words, reframing “poverty” as “development” we focus on the positive movement that we have always fostered. We also recognized that we are no long an initiative. After sixteen years, we are a coalition of widely diverse organizations that exist in a complex network. Some of our partners are CBF field personnel, while other coalitions organizations are their own 501c(3), and still others are hybrid organizations that are housed under CBF State and Regional Organizations. We realized that our complex network of various organizations was a true coalition that focuses on rural development.

Together for Hope: Southwest Virginia

Offering for Global Missions

The CBF Offering for Global Missions is the foundational means of support for CBF’s mission enterprise, providing an array of tools and resources needed to live out the Fellowship’s mission commitments of cultivating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ and seeking transformational development.

Your gifts to the Offering for Global Missions impact the work of field personnel who are working to meet needs worldwide. You can learn more or give to the Offering for Global Missions here.