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Every Day’s Theology

CBF Virginia wants to champion theological education for those in the pulpit and those in the pew. Every Day’s Theology was created from this felt need by both CBF Virginia and Fredericksburg Baptist Church.

So far, 2 courses have been created, and they’re accessible online completely free of charge. These courses are on the gospels of Matthew and Mark, and work is being done to complete similar options for Luke and John. Eventually, we’d like to have an entire library of courses available for Sunday school teachers, curious students, pastors seeking a course review, or the young person discerning a call to ministry.

Learn more and access the resources at their website.

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Student.Church is CBF's model for congregational internships to students who are interested in a deeper experience of church life or pursuing a call to ministry. Interns spend the summer exploring the breadth of congregational ministry through a variety of learning...

Pastor’s School Reflection by Carlisle Davidhizar

Pastor’s School Reflection by Carlisle Davidhizar

In the interest of honesty, I’m willing to admit that I’m nervous in conversations about race and racial justice. I was a kid in the 1990s at the height of the idea that “not seeing race” at all was the best and kindest way for me, as a White person, to relate to my...

Join the Virginia Cultivating Generous Congregations cohort!

Join the Virginia Cultivating Generous Congregations cohort!

Cultivating Generous Congregations is offered by CBF in partnership with the Lake Institute which is one of America’s foremost authorities on faith and generosity.  Each year, we offer two cohorts – one in the Winter (February/March) and one in the Fall...