Mission Madness | Newport News

We are in year 13 of hosting this hands-on mission event for students. During these two Madness weekends, students will learn about food insecurity and pack meals through “Rise Against Hunger.”

Mission Madness is a weekend retreat, usually held in the Spring, that focuses on sending students out to do mission work in local communities. Mission Madness is always based at a local church with participants spending the night in local hotels.

During the day on Saturday, students are split up into groups of 15 or 20 (from different congregations) that travel all over the community they are based in to join God in the work that is already happening there. These mission sites are chosen by the host congregation and help strengthen that church’s relationship with non-profits and other groups in their towns. Mission sites may include sites like sorting food, painting walls, leading children’s programming, planting new community gardens or spending time in retirement facilities.

On Friday and Saturday nights, students participate in an engaging worship service that challenges them to consider their role in God’s work in the world. The cost for Mission Madness is $110. This cost covers food, hotel room, t-shirt, transportation to mission sites, mission supplies and worship leadership.


Sample Schedule

Friday Night

  • 7:00…..The Madness Begins! Group Leaders Register. Food, Activities, & Fellowship.
  • 8:30…..Madness Gathering/Vespers
  • 10:00…..Return to Hotels
  • 11:30…..Rest for Saturday Madness


  • 7:00…..Breakfast
  • 8:30…..Gather with Mission Groups
  • 9:00…..Travel to Mission Sites
  • 1:00…..Lunch Break
  • 4:30…..Return to Host Church. Sort & Clean Madness Supplies. Church Groups Reunite.
  • 5:00…..Break
  • 6:30…..Supper & Fellowship
  • 7:30…..Worship
  • 8:45…..Break
  • 9:00…..Church Group Time
  • 10:30…..Return to Hotels
  • 11:30…..Lights Out

Sunday Morning

  • 7:00…..Breakfast
  • 8:30…..Closing Devotional Service
  • 9:30…..Dismissal
  • 10:30…..Load Vans & Check Out