Art Wright Named CBFVA’s Theologian-in-Residence

CBF Virginia is pleased to announce Dr. Art Wright as our Theologian-in-Residence for the coming year (starting October 1, 2019)). This is a new initiative for us. In this role, Art will model, demonstrate, and train congregations to “think theologically.”


In congregational life today, many are tempted to first “think pragmatically” (e.g. “will this get more people into our churches?”), or “think economically” (e.g. “how will this affect giving?”), or “think anxiously” (e.g. “who will get mad and possibly leave the church?”). The Theologian-in-Residence will walk alongside congregations to help them ask better questions, drawing first from the foundation of Christ and Scripture, while also acknowledging the gifts of their tradition and wrestling with their insights from experience—all in the service of ministry and mission.

Art is uniquely qualified to assume this role. His deepest passion is teaching the Bible and helping others learn how to read Scripture as a whole. Art is a winsome communicator and teacher, understands the types of conversations taking place in congregations today, desires to help build CBF identity (what it means to be moderate and progressive Baptists in the Commonwealth), and models a non-anxious presence. Through the Theologian-in-Residence role, Art will create resources to help clergy and lay leaders, model spiritual practices to help congregations become more faithful and spiritually vibrant, and help congregations learn how to have difficult conversations.


Art holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Averett University and a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond. From 2011 until 2018, Art was Associate Professor of Spirituality and New Testament at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. In addition, Art served three years as Minister of Spiritual Formation at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Richmond. Twice, Art served as Scholar-in-Residence for CBF Virginia pilgrimages to the Holy Land.


Over and above his contract work for and with CBFVA, Art is available to teach and preach in partner congregations. Make arrangements with Art directly ( Churches securing the service of the Theologian in Residence assume travel costs and honorarium.