Partnership Missions

CBFVA Formalizes Mission Partnerships

CBFVA’s Coordinating Council is excited to announce new, more formal partnerships with three CBF field personnel who have ties to Virginia:  Jenny Jenkins (Haiti), Greg and Sue Smith (LUCHA, Northern Virginia) and Josh and Jessica Hearne (Grace and Main, Danville). 

As part of these new partnership agreements, CBFVA will provide $1,500 to help fund mission projects for each unit. CBFVA will also budget $1,500 to help churches travel to Haiti to connect more closely with Jenny’s ministry. In return, these personnel will provide CBFVA with stories and resources that help churches in Virginia grow in missional faithfulness in our own state and around the world.


Here is a brief introduction to our partners.

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Sue and Greg Smith

Sue and Greg Smith are CBF field personnel who coordinate the work of LUCHA Ministries in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Their passion is serving the Latino immigrant community in Virginia and beyond—helping people achieve personal and family wholeness, sustainability, and dignity. As members of CBF’s Internationals Team, Greg and Sue promote ministries among Spanish-speaking, first-generation immigrants living in the United States. Through LUCHA Ministries, the Smiths coordinate programs and services designed to uphold immigrant rights, serve as information brokers, equip area Latino and non-Latino leaders with key cross-cultural skills, and address spiritual and social needs of the immigrant community. For more information about LUCHA Ministries and for stories about the Smiths’ work, visit LUCHA’s website at

Josh and Jessica Hearne

Josh and Jessica Hearne are CBF field personnel serving in Danville, Virginia. Through Grace and Main Fellowship’s intentional Christian community, a ministry of hospitality and service with and among people who are experiencing homelessness, hunger, poverty, and addiction is possible. The community is committed to values of simplicity, sustainability, shared resources and life, and peacemaking. Josh and Jessica believe relationships lay the foundation of God’s work in the world, so they focus on building and strengthening relationships through community meals, inviting people into their home, encouraging partnerships between churches and local groups in order to combine resources and better meet the needs of brothers and sisters in the community, working side by side on the Urban Farm so folks learn how to provide fresh food for themselves and their neighbors through renewable agricultural practices. For more information about Grace and Main and for stories about their work, click here:

Jenny Jenkins

Jenny Jenkins is a CBF field personnel serving through medical and relational ministries in Grand Goâve, Haiti, a rural community approximately 60 miles southwest of Haiti’s capital. Jenny began working on relief efforts in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Many of the 125,000 people of Grand Goâve are farmers, tradesmen, small business owners, and educators. Ninety percent of the population lives in the mountains and countryside with limited access to medical care and other services including electricity. Jenny partners with local churches and individuals, and her work centers on developing relationships in the community through medical clinics, educational initiatives, and outreach to widows. Jenny creates sustainable ministries to meet the needs of the most marginalized and forgotten of her community. To learn more about Jenny’s ministries follow her on Facebook at Jenny’s Haiti Days.

Mission Exchange

Mission Exchange is a mission initiative of the CBFVA that offers churches pre- planned mission experiences that connect your church with the work of CBF Field Personnel domestically and around the world. If your church chooses to engage in this program, you will be able to pick from a 4 different sites, then connect with the CBFVA office to work out dates and an itinerary that works for you. To begin the process of joining Mission Exchange, explore the 4 mission opportunities that we have available. After choosing a site, pick out a primary and secondary date that works for your church and our office will see if those dates work for the host site. Once a date is on the calendar, then CBFVA will work with your group to finalize an itinerary and travel plans.

To make Mission Exchange as meaningful as possible, please understand our need to limit the number of spots at each site. Furthermore, we need at least two months turn around time to plan a domestic trip and four months to plan an international trip.


Grace & Main: Danville, VA
Working through Grace and Main
  • And CBF Field Personnel Jessica and Joshua Hearne

General Information

  • Grace and Main is focused on doing ministry in downtown Danville, Virginia. In fact, 100% of the money that comes into Grace and Main goes directly into ministry downtown—not one penny goes to buildings, salaries, or personal gains. Specifically, we’re interested in confronting poverty in Danville, no matter what disguise it wears.
  • We believe that poverty is, at its most basic, any lack that somebody experiences that has a negative impact on who they are and who they’re becoming. Poverty of material resources or money is a significant poverty that we oppose in Danville, but it’s not the only one. Some people experience social poverty (lacking social interaction), while others might experience emotional poverty (lack of an emotional support system) or spiritual poverty (lack of spiritual formation and growth.)
  • Everybody is poor in some way, and we’re trying to do something about it. So, how are you poor?
  • You can see some of our upcoming projects (and items that we need to make them happen) on our “Our Needs” page and see some of the local ministry organizations that we support on our “People We Like” page. We invite people from all over the region, state, and nation to take part in what we’re doing and to join us in our ministry projects. After all, we’re all members of the same Kingdom.
  • Lodging: Local Hotel.
  • Cost: $35 per day per person (this does NOT include transportation or lunch and dinner)
  • Type of Ministry: Hands on Inner City work and Inner City Ministry Immersion Opportunities.
Grand Goave, Haiti


  • Working through CBF Field Personnel Jenny Jenkins

General Information

  • Jenkins uses her medical experience to serve the people of Haiti, working to improve the continuity of health care. Prior to being commissioned, Jenkins had traveled to Haiti more than a dozen times to provide medical care.
  • “Since the earthquake my focus has become clearer,” Jenkins said. “There is a great need for follow up care with infections, wound care, physical therapy and the rebuilding of lives. It’s an opportunity to be Christ to a people who are desperately seeking a safe refuge. In the past, health care was always disjointed at best, and now that the major crisis has passed it becomes the slow painful process of rebuilding. We as Christians have an opening to be Christ to these people as never before.”
  • Travel: Your team would, if convenient, fly out of Richmond. Once in Haiti, Jenny will meet us at the airport and be with us until we fly back.
  • Lodging: Jenny owns a new “compound” where your team would sleep. This space holds up to 20 people. There are 4 rooms that contain bunk beds. Each room has its own bathroom. The “compound” overlooks the bay. The “compound” has its own private security and cooks that will take good care of us.
  • Cost: $1500 per person (all-inclusive), $2000 per-person (all-inclusive in December)
  • Type of Ministry: Children’s ministry, medical clinic, cultural exchange
Kosice, Slovakia


  • Working through CBF Field Personnel Jon and Tanya Parks

General Information

  • Jon and Tanya Parks work alongside English teachers at an all-Roma private school. They lead conversational English classes, facilitate an after school English club and look for ways to create additional learning opportunities for students.
  • “The Roma live on the margins of Western society – exactly the place where Jesus declared, ‘the kingdom of God is arriving!’ We’ve seen that God is already at work among the Roma people, and we are excited to be a part of that work. We are also convinced that as others see the plight of these beautiful but forgotten people, they will fall in love with them as we have. We desire to help build God’s kingdom among the Roma by working to provide opportunities for education, care, and most importantly, for experiencing the love God offers to us all through Jesus Christ.”
  • Travel: Your team would, if convenient, fly out of Richmond. Once in Slovakia, the Parks will meet your group at the airport and be with us until we fly back.
  • Lodging: You would stay at a nice, clean hotel near the Parks in Kosice.
  • Cost: $2000 per person (all-inclusive)
  • Type of Ministry: Cultural Exchange, Flexibility a must!
Grant Park: Atlanta, GA


  • Working through Grant Park Baptist Church
  • And CBF Field Personnel Trey and Jennifer Lyon

General Information

  • Grant Park is an inner city church located near Zoo Atlanta. A few years ago, Grant Park began the process of re-visioning how they would use their unused Sunday School space. Through this process, Grant Park began a ministry called Lydia’s House. Lydia’s house offers both hospitality to the Grant Park community and space for mission teams to come and work.
  • You can get more information about Lydia’s House and look at pictures of their accommodations at:
  • Note: Please do not register with Lydia’s House. If you are interested in this exchange site, contact me and I will go through the registration process for you.
  • Lodging: Lydia’s House.
  • Cost: $25 per person per day and a one-time $50 administrative fee per group paid to Grant Park Baptist (this does NOT include transportation or Food)
  • Type of Ministry: Hands on Inner City work and Inner City Ministry Immersion Opportunities.