CBFVA believes that Theological Education is a vital part of creating the kind of ministers that succeed in this ever-changing world. In a world where the number of ministers being called to ministry does not match the number of ministers leaving, CBFVA feels called to ask: Where is your next minister coming from? Will he or she have the skills to adapt to this ever-changing world? Questions like these compel us as an organization to invest heavily in Theological Education and we invite you to join us.

    In-Place Learning

    Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

    Life is busy and complicated. BSK makes it possible to pursue your degree or certificate online from your home or office. CBFVA is excited to partner with BSK as they provide good Theological Education for those who need flexibility. 


    The Flourish Center

    Online workshops empowering congregations by teaching and sharpening lay-leader ministry skills Youth Ministry, an Intro to the Bible, and Black Church Studies. More content is consistently being developed.


    Interested in Theological Education? BSK offers many options that are flexible and you can do right where you live. BSK’s model is creative, offering amazing Theological education in non-traditional ways!

    Bible Studies

    CBFVA has partnered with BSK to create engaging Bible Studies that congregations can use for free! This resource is well thought through, theologically sound, and incredibly engaging! You can access these Bible Studies via the link below.

    invite a professor

    BSK has a wealth of professors willing to speak at your church in person or via zoom, as their schedules allow. This is an untapped resource we would love for you to use!

    On-Campus Learning

    Baptist House of Studies

    Union Presbyterian Seminary equips Christian leaders for ministry in the world — a sacred vocation that requires deep learning, commitment to service, and an ability to read culture and circumstance in the light of the rich resources of Scripture and theological tradition. The Baptist House of Studies offers a Certificate in Baptist Studies in a traditional residential setting in Richmond. Full tuition scholarships are available.

    Want more information? Contact Susan Blanchard at

    Every Day’s Theology

    Fredericksburg Baptist Church

    CBF Virginia wants to champion theological education for those in the pulpit and those in the pew. Every Day’s Theology was created from this felt need by both CBF Virginia and Fredericksburg Baptist Church.

    So far, 2 courses have been created, and they’re accessible online completely free of charge. These courses are on the gospels of Matthew and Mark, and work is being done to complete similar options for Luke and John. Eventually, we’d like to have an entire library of courses available for Sunday school teachers, curious students, pastors seeking a course review, or the young person discerning a call to ministry.

    Learn more and access the resources at their website.