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Pastors and associate pastors, CBFVA is here to walk alongside you as you navigate this strange new world in which we find ourselves. We acknowledge this is a stressful time for clergy—how to care for members when you can’t gather (or gain access to hospitals or care facilities), how to maintain financial stability in the midst of this crisis, how to be church in new and inventive ways, etc. We pray for you as you seek to be a calming presence and give effective leadership.


To aid your journey, CBFVA has arranged two opportunities for clergy to spend time with Dr. Dan Bagby, former pastoral care professor at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. He is prepared to help you as you care for others and learn to take care of yourselves.


SESSION 1:  Thursday, March 26, 10:00 am

Providing Pastoral Care During a Pandemic & Social Distancing

Church is a social enterprise because it is a relationship system. Key for any relationship system is meaningful connection. Because of necessary restrictions enacted during this pandemic, our normal ways of being and doing church have shifted dramatically. Dr. Bagby will address ways ministers can continue to provide care and create systems of care for the vulnerable, lonely, and socially isolated.


SESSION 2:  Thursday, March 26, 2:00 pm

Self-care for Clergy During COVID-19

As clergy, you are on the front lines seeking to provide effective leadership during this fearful time. These challenging days demand things from you that may be outside your gift mix.  You are navigating hard decisions that have lasting impact. Who ministers to you while you seek to care for and allay the fears of congregants? In this session, Dr. Bagby will offer guidance and practical steps for self-care in the midst of this crisis.