Hannah Turner works with CBF through the Global Service Corps. The GSC is a two-year mission apprenticeship that provides an opportunity for graduates (29 years of age and younger) and retirees to: go and work alongside seasoned career Field Personnel & partners in over 20 countries; serve in a context that enables both giving and receiving of gifts; grow in their understanding and experience of how God is at work in the world. Hanna is working alongside the Wyatt’s in Raleigh as they welcome people from around the world into “Welcome Houses.” To learn more, read this update from Hannah

Thanks to Welcome House, I have the opportunity to take a Spanish Immersion course at the community college here in Raleigh. It is a year long course and is completely virtual. We are seeing more and more students in our ESL classes who are Spanish speakers. The ability to translate more and more with my students has helped with communication in the classroom!

Learning another language is hard. Aprender español es muy difícil. I have gained a new found appreciation for my students as I take on learning Spanish! I see the ways in which they are gracious with me when I mess up a sentence or phrase. I feel the anxiety of getting a question wrong in front of the class. I am learning more and more about being patient with myself when I pronounce something incorrectly. Learning a language takes time and my students’ persistence and resilience in overcoming barriers that come with a new language and a new home, continues to amaze me. Yes, learning Spanish is a resourceful tool, however getting to see a small glimpse of what it is like for my students learning a new language, has only made me admire them more.

This past week I got to visit my home in Richmond and join in fellowship with the Kim Wyatt Missions Group from Monument Heights Baptist Church, where I was surrounded in welcome. The women in this group exemplify love. They, for the past 25 years have loved their international neighbors with intentionality and care. Let’s just say my car was a little heavier as I returned to Raleigh! Look at all those donations!

Welcome House Raleigh currently has a new guest (Q)! Q arrived 2 weeks ago from her home country in the Middle East. Q is a delight and has been immensely welcomed by her neighbors here in Raleigh. I also get to be one of those friendly faces for Q and others –  thanks to your support:)

Prayer Request:

The 19,000 + unaccompanied minors on the U.S.- Mexico border, who have fled their home(predominantly alone), risking immense danger for the sake of safety.

For Q, the current guest at Welcome House. That she could feel safe, at peace and continue to get her footing in her new home.

Community for me. In the midst of moving and a pandemic, it has been difficult to form deep relationships and truly root myself in my new home.  

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