In this Ted-ish Talk Jim Somerville explains the mission of First Baptist Church: “Bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia,” or, as he often abbreviates it, “the KOH2RVA” (which is, actually, his license plate). When he came to First Baptist in 2008 Jim challenged his church to look for the clear commands of Christ in each of the four Gospels. When they had written them on a flip chart and posted them on the wall he asked, “Which of these do you think we should do?” “All of them!” they answered. But it was only later, as he looked at those commands, that he wondered: “Is this what life in the Kingdom looks like? Is it that place where we wash one another’s feet, and forgive one another’s sins, and care for the least of these, Jesus’ brothers and sisters? What would it take to make that Kingdom a reality right here in Richmond? What would it take to bring heaven to earth?”

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