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Student Ministry Opportunities

Mission Madness

We’re so excited about Mission Madness 2019, a weekend retreat for youth groups interested in mission service, worship, fellowship, and fun!

This year, Mission Madness will be in TWO locations, to give you more options and schedule flexibility.

2019 Dates and Location:

Williamsburg: March 22-24 at Walnut Hills Baptist Church

Zion Crossroads: April 5-7 at Bybee’s Road Baptist Church


Example of Mission Madness Schedule

Friday Night
7:00…..The Madness Begins! Group Leaders Register. Food, Activities, & Fellowship.
8:30…..Madness Gathering/Vespers
10:00…..Return to Hotels
11:30…..Rest for Saturday Madness

8:30…..Gather with Mission Groups
9:00…..Travel to Mission Sites
1:00…..Lunch Break
4:30…..Return to Host Church. Sort & Clean Madness Supplies. Church Groups Reunite.
6:30…..Supper & Fellowship
9:00…..Church Group Time
10:30…..Return to Hotels
11:30…..Lights Out

Sunday Morning
8:30…..Closing Devotional Service
10:30…..Load Vans & Check Out

Student Testimonials

I have been attending Mission Madness with my youth group, Chester Baptist Church, since the eighth grade. This year was by far my favorite. I walked into this Mission Madness with my usual excitement and left with so much more. This years Mission Madness helped change my heart. My mission site this year was unlike any other mission site I have had in the past. It had the most work, the best people, and stuck with me far after the weekend was over. This year we helped clean out a family’s house whose kitchen caught on fire. We cleaned the entire kitchen out, took inventory, tore down cabinets, and even helped clean up the yard. What I found so unique about this experience is that we were actually working with the people that this happened to. I found that the missions you are doing becomes a lot more personal when you experience it with the person you are doing the mission work for. At one point, we were all taking a break because we were waiting for someone to bring us trash bags. Even though it didn’t feel like we were doing much then, we were doing so much more than it seemed. During that time I was able to sit and talk with the people who lived in the house. Even during this tragic time in their life, it was as if nothing ever changed. You could see the love in this family poured out for all to see, and it was beautiful. To see kindness, strength, and love in a situation like that was inspirational and gave me hope. I walked into the mission site hoping to spread God’s light. What I quickly realized is that His light was already there. It is weekends like Mission Madness that teach me the most. These retreats never fail to fill my heart and nurture my soul. My experience at Mission Madness this year gave me a better outlook on life and a sense of hope for the future. For that I am forever grateful.

-Houston Blake, Chester Baptist Church

CBF Young Adult Network

The CBF Young Adult Network exists to connect young Baptists (post-college up to age 35) of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship by providing regional and national events, mission and learning opportunities, as well as resources of interest to young adults or those who minister alongside young adults.